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YouTube Video Editing Steps

Video editing for YouTube can be tough when working with clients!

We take strategic steps when meeting new clients who need edits. One of the most important things for us is knowing what the client needs on each video and that can be difficult.

Step One:

The meeting via zoom or face to face. We need to know that we are a good match for you and you for us. We also need to make sure you understand that we are working together.

Step Two:

Find a way for you and your client to exchange files without meeting. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Find a way for your client to fill out a form for all your info needed. We have a questionnaire directly on our website for clients.

Step Three:

Edit content but make sure there is open communication on things needed.

Step Four:

Drafts and submissions...we use google drive to forward all content for download. This makes it easy for use to exchange ideas. You can also look up motion array and they have a portal where your client can leave info beside the timecode for revisions.

Step Five:

Make sure you get paid no matter if it is fix or hourly. Watermark those files until you collect payment for the work you have completed.

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