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Real Estate photography isn't for the faint of heart. It is quick, ever changing, and competitive!

Yes, Real Estate Photography is needed!

Homes will sell faster with photography which makes sense since a lot of buyers are doing the research on theses listings. Photography is the first impression that buyers see before stepping into a listing. The more the buyer sees online ahead of time the better the chance the potential buyer purchases the listing.

I'm looking to start my career!

You can take various steps to become a real estate photographer but it can be tough finding that first client. Do I use a phone? Do I use a camera? How to take the photo? How do I blend my photos with a high exposure photo with a low exposure photo? Who is #NathanCool ... Let's be honest...these are the exact questions we had. If you use your phone, turn it horizonal. Expose for the inside and the outside. Take those two photos and search YouTube for Nathan Cool. He is the man with the editing skills you need. For those looking for a camera, research a camera. Research a camera that others use for real estate photography. Search Nathan Cool and see what he has to say. Again, he is the man we listened to.


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