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Professional Commercial Photography

Example of Flambient Photography

We are in compliance!

We have met all vendor insurance/invoicing requirements through VendorCafe, Real Page, Ops Merchant, and Ops Technology. 

Do Your Properties Need a Pristine Look?


Let’s Make Your Value Skyrocket With A Few Snaps


Setting the right impression with potential property renters or buyers is vital to ensuring long-term financial success in your industry. Specialized photography services cast an air of professionalism – all so your clients know they’re working with the real deal. Think about it carefully, how are you presenting your properties to your customers?


Have you ever put yourself in the mind of a consumer? What do you see when you look at listings online?


·         Grainy, unappealing photos that leave you with headaches?

·         Images that make it difficult to see whether you’re looking at a bathroom or bedroom?

·         Worst of all, lighting so bad that you might as well be looking at a blank screen?


You don’t want to fall flat on your face before your clientele sets a foot through your door. Don’t make the same mistakes amateur companies make when listing their properties. To present your assets in an immaculate fashion, you need a team of veteran photographers to get the job done. You need us, Creative Impressions Media.


It’s Time for the Pros to Step In


With years of know-how, our squad of experts will portray your properties in the way they deserve to be portrayed. With clear lighting, striking high-resolution images, and high-definition post-session editing, you will regret not having had us by your side earlier. Let us blast you above your competition with a simple camera snap.


Our photographers specialize in Flambient shooting, a trend that will soon become a must-have for property renters and sellers across the globe.


But wait, what exactly is Flambient photography?


When photographing a room, Flambient real

estate photographers combine ambiently lit

photos with pictures taken using flash

photography. In the processing phase, these

photos are combined into one file to craft a

high-resolution, crystal-clear image. This

process can involve anywhere from three

to eight individual photographs.


Like what you’re hearing?


We put our all into guaranteeing value for

our clients. If you want to add a renewed

sense of value to your real estate brand,

then book a consultation below so we can

get snapping!

Click either Griffon Weston or Elevate at Powell & Broad. All photos on their site were photographed and edited by our team.

Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography

Travel Rates

Travel Diagram for Commercial Photography

Creative Impressions Media, Corp. Commercial Photographer

Increase your value in the investment with architectural/commercial photography. Architecural/commercial photography photos are an investment by the business to increase the brand experience. 

Our style:

We are Flambient Real Estate Photographers. In a typical room, we combine ambient light photos and mix them with flash photos. For one photo, received, we may have taken 3-8 photos to mix in post-processing. An example photo is below:

Real Estate Photography
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