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Pre-Production Stage or Planning for your video!

This phase is the most important phase of creating a video.

This process is the planning element of your video. This is the first of the three phase of production. Lets go over some of our notes that we use when we are planning with a new client. We have a checklist....all depends on what you need but some of our clients want a narrative (documentary)!

I'm tired of looking at this "YEP"

  1. Who is your audience? We need to figure out who you are trying to persuade or impress (NOTE: that is why we are called, Creative Impressions Media...we want to impress you!)

  2. What is the goal of the video? Do you want them to buy, or pick you over another service company?

There are a few more questions but these two are the big ones!


Now...we have a lot of other things to do in this phase like find a crew, lock down a script, do we need talent to be in front of the camera, voiceover actors?...etc. We need to make sure your budget is we have a shoot schedule, all the equipment needed, props, permits, locations, etc.


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