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Analyzing our clients video production goals!

Phone rings...conversation ensues on what our clients need...but our number one responsibility is figuring out the goals of the clients! We have eight items we look at before deciding how to pre-produce content for our client:

  1. How can we reach the target audience in this campaign?

  2. Are we advertising a specific product or service?

  3. Is the video we are creating demonstrating any company activity?

  4. Will the video include training or demonstrations?

  5. Will we be filming a feature or documentary targeted at a specific audience?

  6. Is this marketing for a website?

  7. Will this be distributed via stream or hardware?

  8. Will this go on television?


Next, the video content is planned according to the established goals and will include consideration of the following audience data:

  1. Age

  2. Occupation

  3. Gender

  4. Education

  5. Residence

  6. Ethnicity

  7. Computer literacy

This is all gathered before shooting any content and can take one to two meetings. A lot of research is included in this process but we will complete this together. This is a small portion of the pre-production phase.


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