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A professional real estate photographer can help you sell your home. At Creative Impressions Media, Corp, you can work with a real estate photographer who will bring out the beauty in your property with expert skill. Our real estate photographer produces photos and videos for both residential and commercial clients.

Today, photography and videography are essential for successful real estate sales. An excellent real estate photographer can help your property stand out with gorgeous photos, videos, and 3-D tours that you can share on your website and social media.

At Creative Impressions Media, Corp., we provide an experienced real estate photographer who will work with you to create the perfect picture. You can read testimonials online and take a look at our extensive real estate photography gallery. Get in touch online. Or give us a call to get an estimate.

Our style:

We are Flambient Real Estate Photographers. In a typical room, we combine ambient light photos and mix them with flash photos. For one photo, received, we may have taken 3-8 photos to mix in post-processing. An example photo is below:

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Real Estate Measurements

You can feel confident about your choice to use iGUIDE 3D tour because typical iGUIDE measurement uncertainty, in distance measurement on a floor plan, is 0.5% or better and the corresponding uncertainty in square footage is 1% or better. BOMA and Alberta RMS standards stipulate maximum square footage errors of 2% and iGUIDE easily meets these requirements.

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