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Why Flambient Photography for Real Estate?

Flambient photography is the best way to showcase any home or business. The process will give you amazing photo's with a great depth.

Flambient photography is a unique type of real estate photography that captures the essence of a space with use of light. It brings out the best in an indoor or outdoor setting for real estate marketing, which can help your clients stand out from the crowd and get the results they deserve.

5 Reasons To Consider Using Flambient Photography For Your Real Estate Listings: A blog that describes the importance of using this method in real estate photography.

  • Flambient photography is a form of photography that uses light to create images. It is perfect for real estate photography because it can add depth and dimension to an image. This type of photography is also known as flambé or flambeau.

  • Flambient photography is a great way to showcase the beauty and design of a home. It makes the house look like it has been dipped in gold and adds an element of luxury to your property photos.

  • Flambient photos are created using a portable lighting kit that includes two lights: one main light and one accent light. The main light creates the overall glow effect while the accent light adds highlights to specific areas of the image. To take your photos, set up your lights on either side of your subject (such as a room) so they cast a shadow behind it without being visible in the photo itself.

  • Flambient photography is a type of photography where the photographer uses flammable materials to create a fire effect. The photographer then takes pictures of subjects in front of the flames.

  • One of the main benefits that flambient photography offers is that it adds a sense of energy and movement to your images. This is especially true if you use slow shutter speeds as part of your technique. Slow shutter speeds can capture motion blur from moving subjects, which adds an extra sense of life to your photos.

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