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Real Estate Photography with my phone!

Should I take photos of my listing with my phone?

If you are taking it like the photo you should not!

There are a ton of tips out there for #realtors to take #realestate photos of their listing. Make sure you have a dependable phone. Make sure you have a tripod or something that kips the camera steady and the most important part...flip the phone horizontal.

Yes, there are apps out there to help you with making sure your photos look great.

Also, there are phone wide lens options out there for realtors as well. This is very simple and easy for the real estate agent.

- Make sure you have a checklist of photos you want to take

- Keep the phone steady

- Find those good angles to shoot


We edit realtor cell phone photos for them for $3 per photo. Biggest take away I see from self made photographers is the distortion of the photo. With a phone that has a wide lens...I have to go in and distort the corners to make them look natural. Color balance is way off. Editing phone photos are easy to do if you know what you are doing...seriously. Lastly, the photos are the correct MLS formatted size so there is a lot of resampling on my end to make sure these shots look good for the world wide web.

Don't stress, if you need to take photos with your phone...go for it but our company is in and out of a house in 45 minutes and have photos to our clients within 12 to 28 hours. It is simple, let the professionals do this for you so you can get the best out of marketing your home. These photos are going to be the only thing outside of the price driving them to your listing!


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