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Wedding Videography Services

Are You Ready to Make Some Memories?

Reminisce Over Your Big Day with A Stirring Short Film


Your wedding is your defining day. We get it. This moment acts as the launching pad towards the rest of your being. This is the day where you make the promise to spend the rest of your life with one special, exceptional human being. You need everything to go perfectly.


When it comes to crafting unforgettable memories, videography is key. Apart from photographs, you want a striking short film which will instantly transport you back to the day you said yes. Picking the right videographer for your wedding can be an endlessly puzzling task – that is, until now.


Top-Class Wedding Videography – A Call Away


With a skilled, engaging and highly creative wedding videographer on standby, Creative Impressions Media offers you a chance to craft memories to be etched into stone. With a top-line guarantee, you will be looking back at your special day with the full knowledge that you picked the best company to cover your videography requirements.


Getting to know your wedding videographer is key to producing an exceptional wedding film. Your personal filmmaker will encourage you to grab a coffee (or full course meal if you’re looking for a long chat) so that they can fully grasp the vision you have for your special day.


This is simply one way we ensure consistent quality!


We have three packages on offer for soon-to-be-wed couples:

Wedding Videography Rates

Video production done right!

PACKAGE A - $1,600

- 2-3 minute cinematic highlight reel with music overlay.

- 1 camera for cinematic highlights/1 camera for ceremony

- 4 hours of shoot time (ceremony/reception)

- Digital Delivery

Wedding Aisle

PACKAGE C - $2,500

- 5-8 minute cinematic highlight reel with music overlay.

- 2/3 videographers on sight

- 2 camera for cinematic highlights/1 camera for ceremony

- 7 hours of shoot time (ceremony/reception)

- Full HD wedding ceremony delivered

- Fully stylized edited UHD video

- Follow Camera for Couples

- Drone Videography

- Digital Delivery

Wedding Band Stage

PACKAGE B - $2,050

- 3-5 minute cinematic highlight reel with music overlay.

- 2/3 videographers on sight

- 2 camera for cinematic highlights/1 camera for ceremony

- 6 hours of shoot time (ceremony/reception)

- Fully stylized edited UHD video

- Full HD wedding ceremony delivered

- Digital Delivery

Wedding DJ




Wedding Tent

Teaser Video Example

Lets Chat!

Creative Impressions Media, Corp:
Wedding Videography services

Creative Impressions Media, Corp. Wedding Videographer

Finding the perfect wedding videographer may feel like a daunting task. However, three considerations can help you decide. First, do you like their work? You'll want to see what kind of work your wedding videographer has done in the past before you hire them for your wedding.

Second, can you work with them? It's a good idea to have a sit-down before the shoot to find out if your wedding videographer understands the style you're looking for in your wedding video. And finally, you want to make sure that they have a clear pricing structure.

At Creative Impressions Media, Corp., we provide a friendly, creative, and highly skilled wedding videographer who wants to create your perfect memory keepsake. We offer two packages that include music and a cinematic highlight reel, and digital delivery. You even get drone videography from a drone-certified wedding videographer.

You can get in touch online. Or give us a call and let's talk about your wedding.

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